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Spring 2012

We are amidst all kinds of great projects, and goings on.

Neko Case and her band have been in Studio A rehearsing new material for a forthcoming album.

David Barbe is currently recording the debut album from New Madrid right on the heels of wrapping up two projects – albums by Dead Confederate and Patterson Hood. Both of these projects have a pretty well-rounded cast of characters both in terms of musicians and studio staff.  Dead Confederate had Thayer Serrano and Matt Stoessel add tracks, and the Patterson Hood recorded band features, at various times,  various Drive-By Truckers bandmates,  Jacob Morris (Moths), Will Johnson and Scott Danbom (both of Centromatic), Kelly Hogan, and David Hood.  Bennett Moon served as assistant engineer on both projects, and Andy LeMaster did some engineering on both projects, too, which brings us to our next item…..

Andy LeMaster is back!  Andy has been gone for most of the last couple of years touring  the world as the bassist for Bright Eyes. He has managed to keep on some engineering and producing, but it has largely been structured between tours.   Since finishing the Bright Eyes tour at the end of 2011, he has done some engineering on the Patterson Hood and Dead Confederate albums, and has been doing some tracking for his own project. Andy has also just finished some mixes on a new album by Azure Ray. Azure Ray is the musical collaboration of long-time Chase Park pals Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink.

Drew Vandenberg’s slate of recent projects includes 2 records with The Futurebirds (one studio and one live), mixing a new Camper Van Beethoven record, a solo album from Deerhunter’s Moses Archuleta, and an EP of more explosive psychedelia from Bambara.

Bennett Moon has been tracking new material with singer-songwriter Betsy Franck, and cutting drum tracks for composer Ayman Tatir.

Alex Kroh has mixed tracks with Atlanta’s Higher Choir for a new EP, and working with Koko Beware on a new album.

Henry Barbe was engineering overdubs and mixing with Second Sons.

Matt Tuttle has been working on a new project with Tola.

Noel Brown cut tracks with Augusta’s Night People.